Monday, 2 March 2015

Hello March- My Goals!

March. How is it already March? I swear it was Christmas about 2 weeks ago, this year is going so quick already! 

I have been struggling with getting motivated about everything lately so I thought a good way to kick myself into shape would be to write some goals for the up-coming month. 


-I have given up energy drinks for Lent... I usually drink a completely unhealthy amount and they affect my mood, my sleep, my skin, my weight, basically everything bad and so I am hoping that I can get completely out of the habit of having them. I am doing well so far so fingers crossed I have the will power to carry on!

- My mum recently bought me Fitbit (I am thinking of doing a review of it soon) and it has made me realise that I have far too many 'lazy days'. I want to make a real effort to reach my 10,000 daily step goal and to also go for a run at least once a week. I WILL be healthy eventually. 


- I have a lot of work due in the next 2 months and I want to make sure I stay completely on top of it, and hopefully work super hard in the next few weeks so that it is all in before the deadlines.

- Attend every session! I had really good attendance at the start of the academic year but due a number of different reasons it started to go bad around Christmas time. With lots of assignments and exams soon, it's important that I attend every lesson I can!


- I am a typical student- absolutely crap at budgeting! In the next few months I want to get better at budgeting properly and stop doing the classic 'rich for the week after student loan day and then poor for the rest of the term'. Now that I am paying rent as well as food, bills, etc, I need to be so much more careful!

- Make sure I do regular shifts in work. I have a zero hour contract in work, this is perfect for me because I get to chose my hours around what suits me (which is great for uni) however it also means sometimes I just don't work. Obviously no work = no money, which is not great when I want to buy myself treats so I am going to try and get more organised and do at least 1 shift a week. 


- I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks lately and have recently started CBT and the doctors are looking into putting me on medication. In the next few weeks/ months I am hoping to get this a little more under control because at the moment it's controlling my life. 

- Make more of an effort to do things I enjoy. This is linked to the post above as I have found myself just doing the things that are necessary in every day life rather than things I actually enjoy doing. This month I want to blog more, paint, write in my journal and read lots of books because all of these things make me happy!

I am not sure how many of these goals I will actually manage but at least I am starting the month with good intentions! I always seem to feel like I have my life so much more 'together' when I write to-do lists or wish lists- which is probably backwards considering I am wasted time writing lists rather than actually doing things. Procrastination, hey! 

Do you have any March or Spring goals?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Life Update!!!

It has been a good while since I lasted posted, with starting university and other things, life just seems to have gotten in the way! I thought that a good post to get back into blogging with would be a life update of what I have been up to lately! 

- In November I celebrated my 20th birthday. This is so crazy to me, I remember my 10th birthday like it was yesterday, I was so excited because I was finally going to be double figures! I'm not so excited for birthday's any more and I wish the years between them would last a bit longer. 

- I started university at Edge Hill, training to be a secondary school teacher and I am really enjoying it. It is a lot different to the university that I went to last year, it's so much more personal and I am so happy that I changed when I did! If you're in uni and not enjoying your course then I 100% recommend changing, there is no point studying for 3 years and getting into loads of debt for something you aren't even enjoying! 

- I went to see Passenger with my friend and he was amazing. We had such a good night and he was actually really funny so he kept the crowd entertained between songs. The only awkward thing was that everyone seemed to be in couples... Polly and I felt like we should snuggle or something!

- My health hasn't really improved much yet, I am still in and out of hospital as usual! 

- I FINALLY, on my 4th go, passed my driving test in December!! I have been driving ever since and I really love the independence, it is so much easier when you aren't relying on your mama or trains for transport. If you have failed your test then don't give up, you'll do it eventually and it's so good when you finally do! 

- I had a lovely christmas with sissy. I love how she is finally starting to understand a little bit more and she gets excited about all the presents. Although on Christmas Eve we said/signed to her that father christmas was coming to the house, and with Makaton the sign for 'father christmas' and 'man' are basically the same, so she started freaking out a bit when we were signing that a man was coming to the house (which is kinda understandable I guess!). 

- I spent Christmas dinner/ evening with one of my best friends and her family and boyfriend- we had such a good, chilled night. It was actually nice to do something different for christmas as I usually spend the whole day at either of my parents. 

- NYE was a night spent with all my favourite people and we had such a funny night in our local 80's bar, dancing (badly) to all the old classics. We had suchhh a good night that we all woke up in the morning with sprout hats on... yup, sprout hats. 

- The amazing-ness of my best friend has been emphasised to me in the last few months. I have had some issues with my health and had a pretty poop time- but it's been made so much easier when I have such a supportive, lovely friend there for me whenever I need her! 

- I got myself a boyfriend! He can be a right pain but he makes me laugh and he's so lovely. I don't think I could have got through the last few months without him and Emily (my best friend) so I am feeling super lucky to have them both in my life. Oh and Gracie loves him, if he has her seal of approval then he must be a gooden! 

So that's my life since September! Hopefully now that I am caught up I can get back into blogging regularly, it made me happy and I enjoyed doing it so we shall see!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My University Goals 2014

Last year I started university, I lived at home, was doing a course I wasn't at all interested in and I had bad health- so all in all my university experience wasn't the greatest. However this year, I am living in a flat in Liverpool with my boyfriend, I am going to a university that looks gorgeous and I am doing a course that I am hopefully going to love (the health is still bad but not everything can be perfect!). I am determined that I am going to be a better student this year, and I don't just mean go out getting drunk all the time. Last year I just feel like I wasn't quite 'into' anything, I didn't sign up for any societies, I didn't go to any freshers events and because of that I didn't really make any friends. I thought that a great way to ensure I do everything I am hoping is to write a list of things I want to do in this university year! 

1. Join a sports club/society- I am the least sporty person ever but someone has to be chosen last I guess?! My mum would say 'it's the taking part that counts not the winning' but I'm sure the rest of the team probably doesn't think that way...

2. Go to some freshers events- I can't drink too much because of my dodgy kidneys but I definitely want to be more involved this year in the freshers events, especially the ones on my uni campus.

3. Be brave and speak to people- I have actually already made myself proud on this one, me and my friend went and knocked on every door in the building we live in to introduce ourselves, some people may have thought we were annoying but it was a great way to make some friends! I am going to try and be brave when I start uni and make friends! 

4. Be organised with my work- I am a sucker for leaving things until last minute and then panicking and not getting the grade that I could of gotten with more effort. I am hoping that I will start essays and work wayyyy before the deadline arises on my calendar this year. 

5. Try and listen as much as possible in lectures- notice how as I say as much as possible? Well I find lectures so boring, there is nothing intellectually stimulating about a person reading off a power point to you but this year I am going to stop doodling and listen more. My new course will involve a lot of smaller classes and work in labs so it's not all lectures... 

6. Find a good work/life balance- I think most students really struggle with this but I am hoping to find a balance of work, uni work and a social life that makes me happy but still keeps me productive. 

I am really hoping that this year I will be much happier in my student life and so far seems good. Living away from home is definitely very different to living away from the town and with my mum, and I am sure it will come with some struggles but at the moment I am loving it! Last year, I really struggled with speaking to people and making friends because I was off for about a week in hospital and by the time I went back everyone seemed to already have made friends- so this year I am making sure I speak to lots of people! I can't wait to start my new uni course and I am so excited to see what this year brings! 
What are your goals for university/ school or your job this year? Let me know! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Monthly Favourites | August

I always seem to be late posting my monthly favourites but that's okay because I have never been one to hand an essay in early or show up to work more than 5 minutes before my shift. I didn't post a monthly favourites last month because I found that no products had particularly stuck out to me as favourites apart from ones that I had already written about, however this month I have quite a few! 

GHD's have always been my go-to for straighteners after having a run in with a cheap pair that completely ruined my hair (okay... I may not have been wearing heat protectant either). When my boyfriend stood on and broke my old pair a few months ago I was devastated, I had just had my hair cut to my shoulders and I really needed a decent pair of straighteners to get rid of my slightly dodgy 90's shoulder flick. He suprised me, which really means I nearly cried and told him he needed to go halves with me for new ones, with this beautiful teal coloured pair and I fell in love! They completely straighten my hair after only going over a strand once and it stays straight all day.

After seeing all the hype surrounding Makeup Revolution in the beauty world at the moment I knew I had to try something from their collection but I have to be honest and say I didn't expect great things. I decided to go for quite a colourful palette as I had been looking for one for a while and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a high-end palette to then realise I wasn't brave enough to use all the colours. I was really surprised at how much I loved this product considering the price, the staying power and pigmentation isn't as good as other brands I have used but I don't think you could expect high end quality for the price you pay for them. I think I have actually used the bright colours a little more in this palette than I would in a more pigmented version because they aren't as intimidating when I am trying to play about with them. I would definitely recommend this if you are wanting to experiment but don't have the pennies to waste on something you might not use. 

As I am sure you know if you read this blog often, I am a major lover of Soap & Glory and Archery did not let me down. I am no brow-queen, in fact I would say that my brows are the things I spend the least time on when doing my makeup. I have no idea how my eyebrows are supposed to look or how to achieve a great finish with them but for the little that I do, Archery has been amazing. The pen liner is great for defining your brow without leaving you with a 'scouse brow' look and the pencil fills in your brow perfectly if they're looking a bit thin in places. If you aren't overly confident with your eyebrows then I would definitely recommend Archery because it is so easy to use and leaves such a pretty result.

I am Soap & Glory obsessed, I have a problem. Pulp fiction is an amazing smelling body scrub that leaves you feeling silky sooth and clean-feeling without scrubbing your skin raw. I think I have repurchased this about 10 times now. 

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a new foundation and I thought I would completely rock the boat and go for a brand I hardly knew (I have only ever used an eyeshadow palette from there) and I am so impressed. I didn't have a clue what foundation I needed so I went to a counter and told the lady that I wanted something lightweight for summer that still had a good coverage, she was so polite and helpful and matched me with this beauty. I have absolutely loved using it and it does exactly what I wanted it to do, my face still looks 'made-up' but I don't feel like I have a mask of makeup on. What I really love about this foundation is that it is build-able: one layer looks quite minimal but for a night out or date night you could add a few more layers for more coverage. 

I have recently got into the habit of using dry shampoo just for extra volume as I have always found that my roots don't have much life at all and then I stumbled across this rough texturiser. It adds volume to my hair and is great for a slightly tousled look. I have really enjoyed adding some random curls to my hair, spraying this in and then back-combing my roots a little... it gives a great 'I woke up like this but obviously didn't really' look. 

This is what I am facing when I try to take blog pictures... a 3 year old that enjoys trying out big sissy's MAC lipsticks or sticking her fingers in palettes that I try to keep looking clean. Despite my moaning, life is definitely more fun when she is around. 

I feel like I have been quite adventurous with my makeup/ beauty products in the last month and I have tried out some new things. I can easily get stuck in a rut with my makeup routine and stick to the same foundation or mascara for months so it always makes me happy when I am brave and try something new out and then I turn out to love it. 

What have been your favourites this month? Link me in the comments if you have done a post about them! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello September

I have been counting down for September for months now- I have so many exciting things planned so although I am sad to see the end of the summer months, I can't wait for this month! Plus, we are a month closer to Christmas... my absolute favourite time of the year!! 
Here goes... this is what I have been up to in August and what is coming in the month ahead:

What happened in August:

- Josh and I went down to Manchester to meet our friends- we had a lovely night catching up with John and getting to know his boyfriend. 

- My dad had a BBQ with all of his side of the family who I haven't seen for a while now so I was really happy to see them all and have a chilled night together.

- I had an appointment with a specialist to get more answers about my health concerns, we didn't get as many answers as we wanted but I do have an MRI scan coming up so that they can see what's going on with me. 

- I have been working loads so that I have money for our new flat and starting uni this month. I find that the more I work, the more I enjoy working which is odd. 

What's happening in September:

- Josh and I move into our new student flat with my best friend and her boyfriend living 5 flats down! It is so exciting to be moving out, I am starting to feel like an actual grown-up!

- I start my university course, I am really looking forward to starting now because I feel like I haven't properly used my brain for months. I am also looking forward to doing something that I am really interested in and the university that I am going to looks lovely. 

- I have my second driving test, my health has stayed positive lately (fingers crossed) so I haven't needed to put my driving test back again... hopefully I will pass this time. 

September is full of exciting things for me which is unusual because for the last few years, September has meant back to school and although I loved school, I was always really sad to see the back of summer. I have the start of the month to get used to living in my new student flat and then the end of the month in my new university so I am also feeling quite nervous about this month! 

What have you got coming up in September? 

Friday, 29 August 2014

DIY Gift | Photo Album

Home-made or personalised gifts feel so much more special to receive (and give) than regular material things so I was so happy when I opened this present off my boyfriend at Christmas. When I first opened this I thought that Josh had bought me a Paperchase photo album to fill myself, and I absolutely love all things Paperchase, but then I realised he had actually taken the time to fill it full of pictures and memories. I think that something like this is such an amazing idea for birthdays for any friends/ family and depending on the album you bought, it could be given to any age or gender. 

The design on this little scrapbook is beautiful with woodland animals and plants and I love how the pages are brown- I think that it's nice being a bit different. 

Josh personalised this by adding in pictures, sneakily printed off my Instagram, and he wrote it in a little story of how we started seeing each other and memories we have made since. 

These little picture corners were also bought from Paperchase and I love how, if the scrapbook became damaged or if I just wanted to take the pictures out, they just slip in and out without actually damaging the photographs or the scrapbook. I think these corners would be great if you just had one copy of a picture and therefore didn't want to glue-stick it in somewhere but wanted it in a scrapbook. 

To personalise it a little more, Josh also just added some glitter and 3-D things like stars and hearts.

It was really nice to not just see pictures of us posing or taking selfies, but also photos that you might forget about or overlook. These types of picture are the ones that get you talking about memories: they get you asking what you were doing that day or if the other remembers it. 

I thought that this was a great idea for a gift if you want it to be personalised but aren't too arty or don't want a project that isn't going to be too hard. My scrapbook now sits on my bedside cabinet because it is so pretty and people always ask about it when they see it. Even though some of the products in this DIY present are from Paperchase (meaning they are more expensive than usual) this was still a fairly cheap gift considering it is probably my favourite gift I have ever received. 

Have you ever given/received a gift like this? I'm pretty lucky to have a boyfriend that likes home-made gifts! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Turning Sad Into Happy

I have had quite a difficult time the last few days due to a few poopy personal reasons and I have found it hard to cheer myself up. Now, I am feeling much happier about where I'm at and I have put together a little list of things that have helped me pop my bubble of sadness. 

Listen to music that makes you happy
When I am feeling particularly down, I love to listen to Bastille... Now, I know that Bastille don't play the most upbeat, cheerful music but when I listen to them, I associate the music to Leeds festival last year, where I had an amazing time with my friends and therefore feel happier. It's also a scientific fact that dancing round your room while singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of your voice makes you feel better. 

Surround yourself with positive, supportive friends
Most people have heard the saying 'a problem shared is a problem halved' and I have found that most of the time this is true. The trick to ensuring this, is making sure that the people you are sharing your problems with, are real friends that are there to support you. A problem can seem massive when you only have one perspective, but when you have positive people around you that can also offer their perspectives, you may realise your problem is much smaller than you originally thought. 

Do something that you enjoy
If you're feeling sad you may want to lie in bed and do nothing all day but that won't do much for cheering yourself up, so try and do something that you know you enjoy. Painting and writing de-stresses me so my journal is the first thing that I turn to if I'm feeling low. For some people, I know that exercise cheers them up so they might go out for a run (oh how I wish I was one of those people). 

Try to avoid alcohol
Turning to alcohol when you have had a hard day is a tempting choice but it won't fix any problems and may only leave you feeling temporarily happier until you hit the weepy stage or the hangover in the morning. Alcohol tends to emphasise your mood so if, before you start drinking, you aren't feeling the best then it is unlikely you are going to be a happy, carefree drunk. Despite this, I know that a glass of wine and a chat with my mum or a friend can chill me out. 

Allow yourself to be sad if it's what you need
Sometimes there is nothing you can do but have a cry. Being a girl, I quite often get in a 'I just feel like I need to cry' mood... in this situation, curling up and feeling sorry for yourself for a few hours leaves you feeling refreshed and clear-headed afterwards. It's easy to feel guilty about being sad or feel like you don't have an adequate reason but we are all human and we can't feel on top of the world all the time. 

I am so relieved to be back to my happy self that is excited for all of the amazing things coming up in the next few weeks, but I am also grateful that I get to experience the sadder version of myself. It sounds very cheesy but I learn more about myself, what I want and how supportive my boyfriend, best friend and family are when I need them.
I hope this list of things has helped you come up with some ideas for cheering yourself up and if you have any tips that work for you then make sure to let me know in the comments. 

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